Yan Pout and his wonderful museum, dedicated to teddy bears in Witney(England).

The museum was founded by Jan subsided. Yang live in the county of Oxfordshire(England), in the small town of Whitney. He is interested in teddy bears most of his life, however, 1983 , he decided to build his own museum teddy bears, and after, and souvenir shop. Initially, the exhibition at the Museum of Jan were about 35 antikvariatnyh toys with his own collection, and the store had in stock 24 Bear and at that time it was one of the first stores in the UK and sells new and old bears. Be in the market and take its rightful place was not an easy task, competition in trade has been in this field, intermediaries imported bears customers primarily from Germany. Yang did not despair and made the focus of the sales on the exclusive: the producers he did his orders as rare Teddy and this product for several reasons became famous among buyers. And at the moment he is already about 1100 copies of various cubs, both copies, and completely new models.

His shop is extremely popular not only in the UK, but also beyond its borders since the aid Yan came the Internet, and bears are sold worldwide, such as, here. He has staff, which includes five people, they can tell entertaining stories around the world about the teddy bear. The museum is located in the 17th century, the beautiful ancient building. According to the stories of Jan this house is considered to be one way and the museum is perfect for him: low ceilings, and the walls are made of thick stone, which make the interior cozy, that perfectly combines with bears.

В 1986 Yang found his main star, bear Alfonso owned Russian princess Xenia Georgievna Romanova. He bought it for 12000 pounds.

This is the story quickly gained publicity in the news. Yang became very popular in the media, he began to take an interview on TV and in newspapers. The museum has become extremely popular, and the main star Witney Bear "Alfonso" became the most popular in its collection. Firm "Shtayf" especially for Ian released the batch of similar bears and they were sold out almost immediately. And the centenary Bears "Alfonso" 2005 the firm made replica, but in its original form - with holes and abrasions in the number ve 1900 pcs. Thus Yang carry out their plans, he found a symbol for his lifework. In Russia, popular teddy bears submission to the this shop, where you can get a delivery to the house as soon as possible.

The museum has existed for more 30 лет, but Yang also all true to himself and his work! Every year it is updated with new collection and bears his collection, he proudly calls “Old Bears of Witney”.

This story tells us, that you should never give up, and always move to your dream and if you are faithful to their cause all you get.


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