Why sports nutrition in power sports

Why sports nutrition in power sports

People, distant from the power of sport, often confuse the concepts of sports nutrition and steroids, and calling the, and the "chemistry". Of course, it is fundamentally wrong opinion, because sports nutrition - it's just food additives, which contain mostly conventional nutrients, only in a more concentrated form. Such products are distributed mainly among power sports athletes, but many additives are used and people with normal life. This article will tell, these supplements help, if a man takes power in sports without the use of hormones.

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Weight training every character - it is stress and unusual stress for the body, eg, muscle tissue gets damaged during physical exertion, to continue to recover and become stronger. So there is progress in the recruitment of muscle mass and power growth indicators.

In this process plays an important role during the rest - that is, recovery between training days. At this time, the body must do the nutrients in large quantities and quality of food. And if you can not cook and consume sufficient amounts of wholesome food, to help sports nutrition will.

Terrific protein and weight gainer intended primarily to compensate for the lack of basic nutrients - proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins provide resources to strengthen the muscle tissue, and carbohydrates serve as an energy source. After drinking a protein shake, athlete imbues the muscles around 25 grams of high-quality and easily digestible protein, and gives a portion of gainer 350 kcal. Of course, sports nutrition can not replace conventional, but it is good basic diet supplement.

In addition to reducing the supplement, There are a number of products, that positively affect directly on the training process. Например, caffeine, guarana and other stimulants give increased endurance and energy. Creatine increases muscular endurance and helps to increase the number of reps. Bemithyl makes easier to train in the heat and lack of ventilation of the sports hall. The successful combination of such additives allows at times improve productivity workout, and also a little easier training process.

Так, sports nutrition helps the body to better cope with the given regular physical activity and accelerates progress in achieving any goal. the main thing, initially to choose the right training plan and comply with healthy eating.

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