Order a suitable machine assenizatorskaya

Order a suitable machine assenizatorskaya

Assenizatorskaya machine refers to a special technique, used for cleaning of sewer systems and septic tanks, pumping effluent and transporting them to the place of utilization. The main components - tank and special equipment, guarantees, that no liquid, no smell, They will not be distributed in the environment. If you need a small car for the needs of the garden, the most commonly used Equipment Co-520.

Operating principle

Machine through the hose otkačivaet spotlight with ilistym Draft in tank. Cleaning mechanism in this case is dependent solely on the type of waste and the vessel size, to be cleaned. "Clean" residues vacuum equipment, wherein the solid content require prior cleavage (for this purpose, biologically active components). To remove congestion and blockages in the sewer system under the pressure of water supplied.

The use of such machines

Advantageously flusher used for purification of septic tanks, vыgrebnыh eat and sewerage collec. However, they have been used in:

  • purification of artificial reservoirs (wells, lakes, etc.) of silt;
  • elimination of blockages in the city sewer system;
  • removing waste and waste water for car washes (or from the cellars and settlers);
  • pumping wells;
  • waste disposal with a fat or toxic.

And this is not an exhaustive list, but only the most frequent use of this technique. Of course, vacuum trucks need not always, so much more ordered their services. And here need to understand, how it is necessary to order such a technique (its capacity, volumes, etc.), not to overpay.

Therefore kindly requested to inform the dispatcher about a few important features of your case:

  • determine the type of work, because flushing equipment will significantly increase the cost of the order;
  • Specify the approximate amount of waste (so it will be possible to use a large amount of car, to reduce the number of walker);
  • tube diameter (If you plan to wash);
  • minimum distance to the entrance of the car object (and whether there is free access);
  • pumping depth.

And remember - cause scavengers kindly, so that no blockage and waste is not spilled on the surrounding area, etc.. After all, this is in addition to odor (and issues related), It may entail penalties (unless the cause of the problems was not a natural disaster).

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