We set up a home aquarium: first steps

We set up a home aquarium: first steps

Children often ask to have a home for some animal. Of course, not all parents agree to a dog or cat, but fish may well afford. they are quiet, they do not need to walk, clean up after them Tray, they do not scratch the surface and scatter around the house six. Besides, the time of departure is quite possible to fish calmly leave for a few days and nothing will happen to them.

If you can afford it, the buy aquarium juwel It will be your right decision. While such products are not cheap, but it will save you from unnecessary searches of additional equipment, which is suitable and will be sufficient for your volume. German quality speaks for itself, with these aquariums is no problem. They are sold fully completed: Included is present Cover for the aquarium, filter, lighting and compressor power required. Separately, you can buy and aquarium cabinet in color and particularly suitable to the shape and size of the glass house for fish.

Do not forget with time buy decorations for the aquarium - it will revitalize its interior. The scenery today offers a wide range of, different sizes, colors, type and material. Very high-quality items, made of polirezin. on non-toxic, safe, It does not change color over time, and very naturally from the invoice. For example an artificial log or snag, not schupaya, impossible to distinguish from the real. The bottom can be arranged very funny. Aqua suggests the presence of taste and the ability to not overdo it with embellishment.

Determine the size, that you can afford in the interior, and then choose the number of fish and their, which can colonize in a volume of water. Pouznavayte, some features of the behavior of your pets, any other kind of fish can be to them podselyat, and what absolutely not, whether you want to breed for selected vegetation, snags or shelter. This is all important for your comfort aquatic life. Remember, that the water in the aquarium to be prepared and poured spaced, otherwise the animals can get sick or even die. In no case can not be changed 100% volume of water from the aquarium and can not pour water from the tap into the container, where fish swim. Fish diseases can devote Hotel section, each disease is recognizable by their appearance and sold for the treatment of specific drugs, who poured into the water for a few days. After, as the effect of the drug stopped the disease, produced water changes. If your aquarium such trouble happened, it is best to consult an experienced aquarists, what kind of sore and how it can be effectively controlled.


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