Hello sweet potatoes, Toshka-Toshka!

 Hello sweet potatoes, Toshka-Toshka!

How many times my friends and I did not "attacks" on the nature of, It is not to do without the old, good process - cooking kebabs. Whether it is summer or winter fishing, hunting, camping with a tent in suburban forests, or as a regular gathering of friends in the open air. But it goes not about the meat delicacies.

"Not a single kebab ..." – of course, in our company there is always a intimate conversation about the main thing - love, meaning of life, read books and the best movies of the year. I am constantly reminded of and happy to talk about Karelia – wonderful land of blue lakes. I was lucky once with friends (there were three) spend the whole two weeks. FROM accommodation in Karelia there were no problems. quickly quartered, we are on the same day went to the lake…. But - keep the intrigue - my story again about this!

Have you ever experienced during outdoor activities with one small problem - the absence of a side dish? Meat, there is no dispute, it's good, but I want to him and something "pozakusistey". Up to a point, my friends could not find the optimal solution in this regard,. Boil the potatoes and mash to do with it - spare, home ate. Cast over cooking Kulesza and pilaf - it entertaining, dish out - Yum! But there is no time for their cooking will skewer podkoptit, But still it would be necessary to talk, a glass of juice. Again - not that.

Hello sweet potatoes, Toshka-Toshka!

Way out of this was found on a recent trip to pick mushrooms. Weather accompanied, boletus scored a big bucket, still enough time left on the forest feast. What could be better - around birdsong, soft carpet of moss underfoot, oaks in the yellow-red outfit ... That began to recall childhood, school days - how many different adventures were, pranks. And when it all went? Meanwhile kebab on skewers already was put on.

And then I was struck by lightning the thought - we are at school, after harvesting potatoes on the field, fried it, directly in the skin! What a yummy was! consulting, We decided to take a "perfect" recipe Young's. Just hand was swine podcherevok, who want to eat raw. For those, who do not know - it is fat with meat veins - our answer to the western bacon.

Now, podcherevok this we cut slices of medium thickness, to the extent of salt and pepper. And then - the fun: kartoshinu each cut in the middle, but not until the end, so that the halves of the open, like seashell. Here between these halves and put podcherevok. Then each potato wrapped in foil food (good, we have a thrifty company, his entire kitchen set in the trunk) and put it among the coals. Yes, namely those coals, which he was preparing himself barbecue!

Here also we have with little effort, and the meat is cooked, and garnish to it. Now we do the following sequence of time - and you are strongly advised. Enjoy your vacation in all respects!

Andrew Mukovoz


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