Pearl Abkhazia Gagra resort

Pearl Abkhazia Gagra resortThroughout the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus will not find a warmer, dry and comfortable resort, than Gagra, and all because, he is surrounded from all sides by mountain ranges. Due to this geographical location, microclimate Abkhazia has a number of medicinal properties, and because a large number of health institutions located in its territory, offering various klimatprotsedury: sea ​​bathing, sun and air baths. The beaches are made of small pebbles. Local places are perfectly suited for family, and for youth recreation. Along the coastline of the resort, a large number of bars and restaurants, while the city center boasts an aqua park with an impressive list of attractions. very common private sector Gagry.

Gagra will delight devotees of the active recreation by the presence of tennis courts and athletic fields, and riding on the water scooters. Heart diving enthusiasts will be captivated by the presence of as many as three submerged in the water of ancient cities, built in the days of the Roman Empire, as well as ships, contemporaries of these cities. Besides, the water of the Black Sea are fraught with a lot of planes and ships recent history.

From the sights we should mention the fortress temple, which is located in the seaside park, standing at the mouth of the river Zhoekvara eponymous ancient fortress, and strengthening Hashupskoe.

The construction of the seaside park came to the top 20 century, The park accommodates about a thousand species of flora from different parts of the world: coconut palm from South America, and date palms from the Canary Islands, deodar, syryyskaya mallow, Oriental plane trees and magnolia, there are also species of plants, brought from Africa and Australia. Besides, the park is located the fortress temple, erected in 6 century, which houses a museum of ancient weapons of the Abkhaz people. The museum's displays are not just a beautiful collection, but also a high historical value.

Gagra from excursions into the mountains to Ritsinsky national park and to the lake Riza, which is spread in the mountains of the northern part of the country, at the height of kilometer above sea level . On the way to the lake across several waterfalls: "Women's tears", running down the cliffs, Waterfall "Men's tears", level which runoff too high, the majority could see him, but because it is the name, and Gegsky Falls, which the, bursting right out of the rock, It gives rise to the river Gega. Lake Riza remarkable by the fact, that at the height of 700 meters from the water reservoir, It is Avadharsky mineral water source, flowing in Ritsa relic national park. The base of the park was in 1930 city, for the protection of mountain forest Colchis. The huge area of ​​the park (16 thousand. it) He gave shelter to a variety of animals, there are brown bears, wild cats, The Complete, tours, roe deer and wolves, as well as the red deer, threatened with extinction.

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