Winter vacation in Sochi

Winter vacation in Sochi

If your holiday fell in the winter - it is not a cause for grief. And in winter you can perfectly relax and comfortably, while receiving, a lot of emotions. And not necessarily for it to aspire to tropical countries. Travel to Sochi You will never regret it.
Who have rested in Sochi, well aware, it is impossible to go there in the winter and did not visit the Krasnaya Polyana.

Ski Resort is located in 42 km from the Black Sea coast in the Adler district. many tourists, planning to conquer the mountain slopes, in order to save not stay in hotels in Krasnaya Polyana, and resorted to more budget Adler, Where to stay in January, It can be much cheaper. In addition, at this time of year, the hotel-restaurant complex "Eagle", Located in Adler, there are enough significant seasonal discounts.

But to get from the "Arly" to Krasnaya Polyana simply. If you prefer the train, "Swallow", while the amount in the way 40 minutes. For guests of the hotel as you can always order a transfer, and a convenient car delivers its passengers in any of the systems at a specified time, while just 30 minutes.

For those, who have never been to these places, it will be interesting to learn the history of this area. It turns out, its name Krasnaya Polyana is obliged first Greek settlers. After all, they, according to legend, the descent from the mountains in the fall found a large clearing, which was red with chestnut leaves, maple and paporotnikov.

Krasnaya Polyana is the place, which hosted the Olympic Games 2014 of the year, thus it became the owner of the resort infrastructure. They built a large number of new hotels, roads and more, which was to attract more tourists to the ski resort.

On the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana is located four ski resorts of different levels of skating with a special track, modern lifts, and the necessary infrastructure - Rosa Khutor, Gazprom "Laura", Gazprom "Alpika", Gorky Gorod, located in close proximity.

For holidaymakers there is almost everything: SPA-солоны, bath complexes, cinema, billiard room, bowling, restaurants, a cafe. Service resort Krasnaya Polyana is significantly different from the service of ski resorts in the Caucasus – almost an order of magnitude higher.

Krasnaya Polyana is the most expensive resort in Russia, its price can be compared with the average.

therefore, many tourists, who came specially, to go skiing, stop is still not in the hotels ski resort, and Adler, in particular in the hotel-restaurant complex "Eagle", allowing the well to cut costs on holiday.

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