Comfort zone

Comfort zone. Shutters.

What is the comfort zone? This is an area of ​​our lives, which allows us to feel the comfort, peace, sense of security.

Speaking of comfort zone, to keep in mind is not some external factors, that allow a person to feel comfortable, but rather an internal frame, within which people feel at ease. For some people comfort zone – luxury apartment, expensive car, trips every week in Europe, Other people will not feel comfortable in such conditions. In this way, every human comfort zone, only his perception of reality, which is superimposed on the inner comfort template.

Of course, much depends on, the environment in which a man was reared. Education is one of the tools for the creation of some beliefs and habits.

comfort zone for many – this stability. In this formulation, often there is nothing wrong, This condition may hold human, but it is not always helpful. The thing is, that our life has to, that sooner or later the man can get in terms of, where he is not entirely comfortable, It does not in itself and on how people prepared for such surprises fate of its further development will depend on. habits – it is not always good in our lives, sometimes you need something to change, to make life more comfortable.

The great advantage of our life is, Now that the world around us offers various ways to create a cosiness, as it was not our world is not perfect, it is much better than it was a few decades ago.

For example, everyday, leaving work, a person has to perform a ritual, to only travel outside the court. First open the gate, then leave, get out of the car, close the door, then re-sit in the car and only then go to work. The question arises, why not just to overcome their habits and not set automatic gates? Or if a person is tired after a hard day's work, comes home, he has to, to put the car into the garage to engage in the same “silly” things. Why just not in place of the gate install shutters?

Automatic gates and barriers – this is convenience, which sooner or later must become our habit, our comfort zone.

We spend a lot of time on those things, which for us would make electronics. Form the habit, that can improve your life and create, that comfort, you deserve!

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